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Welcome to the WrapCT Learning Collaborative Homepage!

The purpose of this website is to allow the 25 local Communities Collaboratives/Systems of Care to more effectively plan and coordinate events and issues that assit in the growth and development of families in Connecticut.

WrapCT Learning Collaborative


Our mission as a statewide learning collaborative is to educate, train, and promote the benefits of the values and principles of System of Care and the Wraparound Process.  These include:

  • Family Driven and Youth Guided
  • Strength Based
  • Cultural and Linguistic Competence
  • Individualized, Flexible and Community Based Approach to services and support
  • Services and Support Provided in Least Restrictive and Most Normative Environment
  • Adequate Availability and Access to Broad array of Effective Services and Support
  • Evidence and Science Informed Clinical Interventions, Services and Supports
  • Health and Wellness Promotion
  • Performance and Outcome Based services and support



Our vision as a statewide learning collaborative is that all children, youth, and families are able and capable of achieving optimal levels of functioning at home, in the community, at school and/or work.


WrapCT developed out of a decade of System of Care improvements, including on-going training and coaching through Care Coordination and the Child and Family Team Wraparound process. 

The primary goal of this Learning Collaborative to transform and energize the local Community Collaboratives/ Systems of Care to support workforce development in the Wraparound process and to improve the support and care that youth and families receive.


The WrapCT Learning Collaborative includes representatives of all 25 Community Collaboratives in the State of Connecticut dedicated to serving youth and families. Included are: youth and family members, family advocates, community-based service providers, local school personnel, state agency representatives, natural and informal supports to children and families and anyone interested in improving care for the youth and families of Connecticut.

Care Coordination and FAVOR family advocates share primary responsibility for building local capacity for training and coaching. DCF, in partnership with the CHDI-Wraparound Coordinating Center, and Master Trainers/Coaches Mary Jo Meyers, Verneesha Banks, and Mark Horwitz, provide technical assistance and leadership to this initiative.


WrapCT provides training, coaching, technical assistance, and ongoing workforce development activities that promote System of Care values and advance the statewide implementation of the Wraparound principles and care planning process.

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